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Let me conceptually frame your complex mind using music: 

For the last 5 years I have been concerned about how people, including me, feel about design. Im using my interest in sound to demonstrate it. This is going to be a fun blog styled reading.

To start off, what is sound to you? It really means everything to me, which is why I'm writing about it right now. I want to explain the “dramatic”, “interesting”, “beginning”, and “growth” stages of the effects from music. It really is a roller coaster of emotions, which is why explaining this topic involves some dynamic storytelling. Let's start off with the dramatic part. I am talking about the experience stages. 

1. The first stage to understanding sound:

The dramatic stage

Can we say that it's about:

  • Amusement
  • Joy
  • Eroticism
  • Beauty
  • Relaxation
  • Sadness
  • Dreaminess
  • Triumph
  • Anxiety
  • Scariness
  • Annoyance

Sound is the definition of "dramatic", considering its a wave of vibrations traveling through the air to your eardrum, yes it’s that serious. 

2. Behaviour within sound

The interesting stage

This stage is the intrinsic motivator, the rewarding behaviours that are explored through neurological mechanisms and our stimulus. The driver, love inducer, motivator, and metaphor machine. Why is there such a hard drive involved with the action of listening to music? 

3. The catalyst in sound

The beginning stage

You may ask why the “beginning” stage is third on the list. This is where your love for music begins. 

For the:

  • Direct listener
  • Background listener
  • Researching listener
  • Seeking listener
  • Perceptive listener
  • Passive listener
  • Unconscious listener
  • Active listener

We love all the listeners and music feelers. Sound is the medium and music is the catalyst, stimulus, and encouragement.

4. Adding more music to your playlist

The growth stage

After creating a new music playlist do you add your favourite song and listen to that one song for the rest of that playlist’s life? No, we add more music to that playlist. This is the dramatic stage all over again but this involves the growth of the “self”, let's call it dramatic growth. After all, we're at the final stage where the magic happens. This is where listening to music is no more a practice but becomes a way of life. You understand how sound can affect your emotional self, it is now time to discover and experience with zero limits. 


Can we really relate this to how design works? This is exactly how design works. I incorporated these 4 stages into a concept and explained the affordances behind the madness of art and design strategy.

4 random keywords from this article were used to create my own user experience design framework in 2 minutes, wrote it in 10 minutes, all while listening to Ivan Cornejo on Spotify. It’s my version of the typical 5 staged design process. 


In this journey about the 4 stages of everything music, I have incorporated “everything” design.

It sounded convincing right?

Multi-disciplinary designer things.

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